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Eat Cheap Live Good

A 7 Day meal plan guide that will unlock the secret to affordable, nutritious eating!

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  • Meal planning hacks to save you time

  • Budget friendly breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes

  • Shopping list

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Do you want to eat healthier without going broke doing it?

Eat Cheap Live Good is for you...

In the guide you’ll discover tips on how to save time & money BEFORE you even get to the grocery store!

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This is NOT your typical meal plan with boring recipes and no guidance on how to actually make this stick. Eat, Cheap Live Good is centered around whole foods that are proven to help you achieve a longer, healthier life + manage your weight.

Affordable nutritious eating..

Each meal is packed with affordable ingredients that may increase your energy, manage weight, prevent disease & help you to live longer.

Save time...

You’ll learn about tools and resources that will save time & keep you organized and on track to make your plan stick!

Cook once...

...and eat well for the rest of the week

Get organized...

The guide comes with a complete meal prep schedule that will save you time in the kitchen

Eat Cheap Live Good is Powerful

What customers are saying...

"I'm a busy guy who doesn't like to spend a lot of time cooking. Eat Cheap, Live good was very straightforward and I had healthy meals for the whole week"


Trudy's Eat Cheap, Live Good meal plan was super easy to follow! I loved it so much that I took it a step further and got her to create a 30 day plan for me. I've lost weight and feel like I have more energy than ever!


Why I created Eat Cheap Live Good

"Meal planning DOES NOT have to be hard and is actually very rewarding once you learn a few tricks that I’ve built into this plan."

Trudy Stone

10 years ago, I was overweight, frustrated and had zero time to cook healthier meals. Learning how to properly meal prep changed everything and allowed me to build healthy habits. Habits that I still abide by today.

I self-hacked my mind and body to lose 30lbs and now help other women do the same. I'm passionate about empowering women to build healthier habits and unlock the power of food to build a strong and vibrant brain and body without guilt or restriction.

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Grab Eat Cheap Live Good Today!

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  • Eat Cheap Live Good Meal Plan: A 7 Day meal plan guide that will unlock the secret to affordable, nutritious eating! ($ 29)

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You can continue to struggle with planning meals on your own and spend hard earned money dining out...


You can get Eat Cheap, Live Good to do all of the work for you! Eat Cheap, Live Good will show you how to stop messing around and stop wasting your time & money by giving you simple, delicious recipes and practical tips THAT WORK.

It will add years to your life and more dollars in your pocket.

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